Hello and Welcome

14 Jan 2014

Thank you so much for visiting the official Corby Yates website.

 So far, just the 'look and feel' has been changed and the song playlist re-arranged.  The actual content is still almost exactly as it existed after Corby's last visit here on 24 Sep 2012.

 Sadly, later on that very same day Corby decided to end his life ...

He was suffering deeply with a severe long-term mental illness - evidently, an incurable brain disease named schizophrenia.  It was invisibly and ever-so-slowly literally destroying his brain as well as his ability to interact with and function effectively in the world.  Over time, he began experiencing a great deal of pain - incredibly deep mental anguish - though he usually hid it well, even from himself.

Gradually, the symptoms Corby suffered from began worsening yet again and the medications were beginning to lose their effectiveness.  His brain was dying and he knew it.  And so Corby made one final controversial, yet also courageous, fully conscious and precise choice.  In the end, he took the one and only action he knew for sure would finally end his suffering.

He took the road less traveled ...

Corby, you are deeply loved and will be missed forever by so many of us.  And even though your physical form is now gone, you DO live on!  Our memories of you and your music are still alive!  You live on inside each of us who personally knew and loved you, as well as inside each of us whose life you indelibly touched and whose heart you so beautifully moved - simply through the raw power of experiencing your awesomely transcendent musical performances.

Happy Trails Buddy ...


The Music

The song you are hearing is Corby's cover of "Makin' My Wave" released on his 2012 "Inside Oblivion" album.  Originally released by Frank Marino on his 1974 "Child Of The Novelty" Mahogany Rush album, this was the very last song Corby placed on his web page for us to hear.  Amazingly appropriate lyrics.  And just as it was written on Frank's album way back in 1974 ...

"This record should be played loud or heard with headphones for best results".

There are three other Corby songs currently on the site player too.  They play automatically in the following order unless you change the setting at the bottom of the page.  

A SHORT acoustic slide version of "Dallas" by Johnny Winter from the 2003 "Back From Yesterday" album.

A LONG live version of "Fungus Blues" by Corby from his 2006 "Fungus Blues" album.

A RAW mix of a tribute song to Jimi Hendrix written by Clas Yngstrom of "Sky High".  Corby placed this tune second in rotation on the site on his last visit here.

The Future

The site will slowly begin growing once again as more and more stuff gets added and, hopefully, it can become a sort of central repository for Corby music, links, lyrics, video, articles, photos, musings, memories, information, etc.

So behold the modest beginnings of an ongoing, organic process dedicated to preserving not only Corby's wonderful music, but also as many memories about his life, ideals, ideas, interests and adventures as possible - all in one place. 

I hope you will make a bookmark, help spread the word and visit regularly!

Peace and Love,

Jim Yates


Here is a link to a Corby Yates Memorial page on Facebook. 

In Memory Of Corby Yates


This link is to a group of rough mix tracks that Corby posted online the day before he died.   

Corby Yates On MySpace


The last album officially released by Corby in 2012.  Proceeds go towards a server fund for this site.